Challenges in Innov...

Challenges in Innovation and Design of Health Care Using ICT

mPower Social in collaboration with SPIDER of Stockholm University, organized a series of webinars on knowledge and experience sharing on digital health between Bangladesh and African countries. The purpose of the session was to highlight the achievements of digital health in Bangladesh and African Countries so that innovators from African nations can learn from our experience in designing and implementing digital health solutions at scale. Heath experts from both Bangladesh and Africa participated in the webinar session. Professor Be-Nazir Ahmed, Former Director of Disease Control, Directorial General of Health Services (DGHS); Dr. Farzana Taher Munmun, Deputy Program Manager, Community Based Health Care, Directorate General of Health Services; Dr. Rezaur Rahman Khan, Deputy Programme Manage, Expanded Program on Immunization & Dr. Shariful Haque Siddique, Director, Support and Coordination Centre shared their challenges faced in healthcare digitization over the years from field level to implementation.
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